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'''Joseph Davey Cunningham''', (b. Scotland, 9 June 1812, died 28 February 1851) was the author of the book ''History of the Sikhs'' (1849) and an authority in Punjab (India)|Punjab historiography. His father was the famous Scottish poet and author Allan Cunningham (author)|Allan Cunningham and his brother was the archaeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham. At an early age he was reported to have shown such an aptitude for mathematics that his father was advised to send him to Cambridge. However, since he desired to become a soldier, a cadetship in the British East India Company's service was procured for him, through the good offices of Sir Walter Scott. After a reported brilliant career at Addiscombe Military Academy (London Borough of Croydon, England), he sailed for India in 1834. He was first employed on the staff of the chief engineer of Bengal Presidency in 1834. In 1837, he was appointed assistant to Colonel (afterwards...
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